South Korea also confirmed that 29-year-old Shim Sung Min is dead and his bullet-riddled body has been found in the Ghazi province early Tuesday, the same province from where the men and women have been kidnapped July 19.

“One of our citizens kidnapped in Afghanistan, Shim Sung Min, was confirmed July 31 to have been killed,” foreign ministry spokesman Cho Hee Yong said in Seoul.

“We cannot but feel rage at the kidnappers’ merciless killing in the midst of our utmost effort to free the hostages, and we denounce their actions,” he said.

“We again urge the kidnappers to stop these atrocities and return our citizens.”

A Taliban spokesman said the South Korean has been killed late Monday, threatening that this executions will continue until their demands are met.

The Afghan government didn’t release any of the suspected Taliban militants in custody, sparking the anger of the group holding the South Korean citizens, who said they will begin killing all the men and then the women if their comrades aren’t freed by 4 pm (1130 GMT).

Eighteen women and five men have been abducted while they were travelling towards Kandahar almost two weeks ago. The South Koreans were members of the Saemmul Community Church and were training Afghans in using computers, along with other peaceful missions.

The group’s leader, pastor Bae Hyung Kyu was the first member executed, authorities discovering his body on July 25.