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Thou shalt not drive badly! - Vatican commandments for the road

The Vatican has issued "Ten Commandments" for motorists to help them avoid road rage, to make sure their vehicles are safe, and to ensure that they do not put other road users' lives at risk.

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World population will increase by 2,5 billion by 2050

The world population continues its path towards population ageing and is on track to surpass 9 billion persons by 2050, as revealed by the newly released 2006 Revision of the official United Nations population estimates and projections.

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Rightwing attacks in Germany remind Jewish group of Nazi era

The president of German's Central Council of Jews, Charlotte Knobloch, has drawn parallels between recent extremist attacks in eastern parts of Germany and the 1930s era under Adolf Hitler when the Nazi's were consolidating power.

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Victory for Traditional Marriage: California Court Upholds Prop. 22

The California Court of Appeal upheld Proposition 22 , which limits marriage to a man and a woman. The Appeals Court overruled a controversial decision by a San Francisco judge that struck down the law as unconstitutional.

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More Americans believe in a judgemental God

More Americans believe in a critical and judgemental God than a benevolent God, and these images shape their political beliefs according to the findings of a new survey. Conducted by Baylor Institute for Studies of Religion (ISR) and the Department of Sociology...

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Sexual harassment remains problem for church, survey says

Sexual harassment remains a problem within the Church, and laity need more education about the issue. Those are among the preliminary findings from a sexual harassment survey distributed early this year by the denomination’s Commission on the Status and Role of Women.

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German church campaign against forced prostitution to continue

Church officials in Germany have pledged to continue a campaign against human trafficking although fears about a massive rise in forced prostitution during the soccer World Cup proved largely unfounded.

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What Makes People Fall in Love?

Several years ago I developed a model that explains the process of “falling” in and out of love. It’s simple, practical, and extremely valid to the human experience. An amazing serendipity about the model is that when one understands the process of love, the person also learns how to fall in love all over again.

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