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The Middle East

Ben Weir: Middle East peace failure spawned Lebanon violence

The failure of Israel, the Arab states and the international community to reach a comprehensive peace agreement in the Middle East is at the root of the violence that is tearing Lebanon apart, says former Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) missionary and hostage there Benjamin Weir.

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Iran: Stiving Towards Islamic Apocalypse

Ever since being elected President of Iran in June 2005, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has used every means he can not only to drive Iran backwards to the days of the Islamic Revolution, but also to drive it forward to become a world leader in belligerence. Ahmadinejad is driven by ideology.

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Bible Society staff in Gaza under unremitting pressure in a suffering society

A report by the UBS Area Secretary for the Europe-Middle East Region, Peter Wigglesworth, of a trip he made to Gaza City in May paints a picture of Bible Society staff “under pressure 24 hours a day, every day” as they try to serve a community “in danger of falling apart into chaos.”

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