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Tous les articles de Harold Vital-Herne

Religious current events

US Episcopal Church elects first woman chief

It was another groundbreaking and controversial move for a denomination that consecrated Anglicanism's first openly gay bishop just three years ago. Standing before cheering delegates to Episcopal General Convention, Jefferts Schori said she was "awed and honored and deeply privileged to be elected."

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The assurance of the Believer (Romans 8:28-29)

Paul’s words in Romans 8:28-29 express a ringing Christian assurance to the believing heart; they have brought comfort and encouragement to many troubled and afflicted believers down through the centuries.

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The Art of getting alone (How to help those you disciple handle conflict)

As we disciple others, we will likely hear about the conflict in their lives. There may be a coworker, friend, neighbor, or family member with whom they can’t seem to get along someone who constantly irritates them, who can incite anger and hurt by an innocent comment.

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In Search for Spiritual Fulfillment

People all over the world are searching for the solution to the mysteries of life and death. They are trying to discover what lies beyond this physical world. Recently published books and magazine articles, as well as conferences organized to investigate this subject, show that interest in spiritual pursuits is growing. More and more people are striving to achieve contentment and spiritual fulfillment.

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Coretta Scott King Human Rights Advocate

Since that time, King has become a forceful public figure and an important leader in the civil rights movement. She has given hundreds of speeches, abroad as well as at home, and been active in such organizations as the National Council of Negro women and the Women's Strike for Peace.

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